Give a goat a Bath

                                                                      Bath Time               

~Rub A Dub Dub, Goat In The Tub~

Goats don't need a bath often or at all most of the time. However, sometimes it is necessary to bath a goat! For instance, you may need to bath your goat if you plan to show it, shave his/her coat, or maybe you just want your pet goat to be, well less mucky. lol 
I just gave my milk goat "Firefly" a bath. It's just a lot more appetizing, milking a clean goat, rather than a muck stained goat. lol 
Goats, much like donkeys, horses, cows, etc, will have natural oils in their coat, that help protect them from the elements, so it is important not to bath them too often. But once in a while is perfectly fine and may also help keep lice at bay.

Step 1. 

Catch your goat with a halter or collar and attach a lead to him.

Step 2.

Tie up your goat in an area with a drain or outside in a well drained area, that won't get muddy.

Step 3.

Start with hosing your goats legs to let him/her get used to the water temperature (use warm water if possible, cold water is also ok if its warm enough outside) and work your way up his neck, then back to his tail.

Step 4.

Use a mild soap such as Dawn or a soap made for goats. You can either poor it all over your goat and scrub him that way or poor a little soap in a bucket, fill the bucket with water, then dip a sponge in the bucket and scrub your goat with the sponge (this way saves on soap). Make sure to be careful and not get any soap or water around his/her eyes, nose and ears.

Step 5.

Rinse all the soap off your goat.

Step 6.

Dry off your goat as best as you can with a clean towel. Then you can either blow dry your goat or let him dry in the sunshine. Make sure to keep him tied or hold onto the lead so he/she doesn't lay down and get dirty, until he/she is dry.

                                                        Thank you Firefly for being our
                                                               lovely model of the day :)


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