~Goat Milk For Good Health

  Got Milk?

It may sound kinda odd, I mean drinking milk from a goat! I know it's not your average 2% cows milk, but I think you will find the nutritional benefits are definitely worth giving goat milk a try! And the great thing is, you can have your very own milk goat, right on your own homestead! 

Nutritional Benefits:

Goat milk has the ability to:
  •  aid in weight loss
  •  reduce inflammation
  •  optimize digestion
  •  improve bioavailability of nutrients
  •  strengthen bones
  •  boost heart health
  •  strengthen immunity
  •  increase metabolism
  •  prevent toxins from accumulating in the body and
  •  benefit overall health.
Wow sounds pretty good right?
Did you know that approximatley 65 % of the United States propulation drink goat milk?

What about the Lactose?

Lactose is in all animal derived milk. It is "natural milk sugar". However goat's milk is slightly lower in the amount of lactose it contains, compared to cow's milk. It's about 12% less per cup. Therefore, people with a mild lactose intolerance may be able to drink goat milk with less digestive problems.

Calories and other stuff

  • Goat milk has 9 grams of protein per cup!
  • Goat milk also has 330 mg of Calcium per cup. 
  • 10 g fat per cup
  • 11 g carbs per cup
  • 11 g lactose per cup

Goat Milk Contains:

Vitamins A & E
Vitamins B6 & B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Selenium (Antioxidant that fights free radicals which seek to destroy living cells.)

About the "Goaty Taste"

Now you may have heard that goat milk can taste "Goaty" and it's true that sometimes it can, however there are certain breeds of goats that are known to be the" Holsteins" of the goat world. Such as Lamanchas! Our Lamancha milk taste about as close to cow milk as you could get! And than there are the Nigerian Dwarfs that have very sweet and delicious milk! Most the time goat you probably couldn't even tell the difference! And it is delicious!

Cheese and Such

You can make several things from your Goat's Milk! Here are just a few.
  • Goat Milk Yogurt
  • Goat Cheese (My personal fav!)
  • Goat Milk Soap (Goat milk soap has some awesome benefits as well!)
Goats can milk anywhere for 10 months to 2 years before you have to dry them up (to let them kid again), depending on the individual goat. 

Benefits of a Milk Goat on the Homestead

Having a milk goat on the homestead means, being that much more self sustaining. You won't have to go the the store to buy milk. And you know exactly what is being put into your goat! Which is huge! Such as no added hormones. You know everything your goat is consuming on a day to day basis and can monitor your goats health yourself. Not only will you have your own milk for you and your family to drink, but you can also make your own cheeses and soap! Sounds awesome right?
So are you ready to buy your very own milk goat?


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