The Chicken Coop


~Welcome To Our Coop~

The coop.... I feel like the coop is the heart of the homestead. Farm fresh eggs are one of our treasures. It's the place we watch chicks grow and become big beautiful hens and roosters. The chickens provide kind of a Livelihood for us. There are so many uses for eggs here and the great health benefits and protein content makes for a wonderful thing to have access to here on the Homestead. 

                Making a nice cozy place for our hens to lay eggs, have predator protection and weather protection is important. 

A coop could be made of really anything that can withstand the weather and keep predators out. You could use a shed, a place in your barn, make a portable chicken coop, the ideas are really endless. The building you see here was made for our goats, but we turned it into a chicken coop and it works wonderfully! It's big enough to walk into, which makes cleaning easy. It keeps predators out and is great protection for the weather. I put a chicken wire door on for better air flow. 

This is the inside. I covered the floor with pine shavings, which will be easy to clean out. It's important to have something for chickens to roost on. I put the roost in the corner to allow more walking space.

The nest boxes I am using are made out of storage containers. These are awesome! I turned them upside down and screwed them onto a couple 2x6's. Just cut out an opening and your good to go. They are easy to clean out and I filled them with shavings. 

They have a bucket of water in the corner.  I usually just use a bucket and it works pretty well. You may rather use a chicken waterer though.

Every morning when I let the chickens out to free range I throw them some grain on the ground. But I also have a bowl inside the coop to put grain in. Again you can also use a chicken feeder, however I find the bowl is easier to fill and takes less time. Chicken feeders are great though, if you are going to give your chickens unlimited feed.

*That's our coop! *


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