Cluck Cluck Cluck

                                                 Let's talk Chickens!!!

When we moved to a farm when I was younger, I think chickens were first on the list of farm animals we wanted to get! And we have never looked back! Chickens are a wonderful thing to have on your farm or homestead! We love having chickens! Mainly because we have our own farm fresh eggs! There is nothing like going to the coop to gather up a bunch of your very own farm fresh eggs! We usually get chicks from our local farm store and raise them up ourselves. That way we know how old they are and they can get used to us and their home from the start. You can also find chickens that are already grown as well, if you don't want to go through the chick stage. 
       We allow our chickens to free range around the farm during the day and coop them up at night. I love seeing them taking dirt baths and rummaging around through the grass. They aren't only just fun to watch though, there are also benefits to having your own chickens.
#1 Farm Fresh Eggs at your fingertips
#2 Farm Fresh Meat 
#3 Sale your eggs for profit


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