Can you keep goats and sheep together?

Can you keep goats and hair sheep together?
We haven't had our hair sheep for very long, but they are doing so well out in their big fenced area, I decided it was time to go ahead and turn my dairy goat Firefly and her doeling Tilly out into the pasture with the sheep, so they could graze as well. I went in with them at first and sat in the pasture for a few minutes, to make sure they would be okay together, as firefly can be protective of her doeling and I wanted to make sure she wouldn't but the sheep. The sheep just kinda stayed off to the side all on their own and Firefly and Tilly stayed together. They didn't even intermingle very much at first, except for when tilly went nose to nose with a ewe and the ewe was very sweet with her. I went back out at the end of the day to bring the goats back to the barn and it seemed they were all doing wonderfully together. I plan to turn Firefly and Tilly out with the sheep during the day and bring them back in at night since they are used to staying in the barn and for milking purposes, but I am encouraged that they will do good together! So yes, I think you can have sheep and goats together with little to no problems!


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