Grandma's Ham Salad Sandwich

                                              ~Ham Salad~ 

As a little girl I remember walking into my great grandma's house and the aroma of homemade Ham Salad, she had made for sandwiches was wonderful. Ham Salad Sandwiches were always a tradition when we went to visit! They are a wonderful good thing for family gatherings, picnics or even a quick snack! I would love to share the recipe with you! I think you will enjoy them just as much as we have! These are definitely a grandchild favorite!

You will need:

`1 package Hot Dogs (I use all natural, with no added nitrates or nitrites)
`1 cup Mayonnaise 
`1/3 cup Yellow Mustard
`1/2 cup Sweet Relish

Whip up some Ol' Fashioned Goodness

First put the hot dogs in a food processor or smash them up with a fork. Then transfer the hot dogs to a bowl and add the Mayo, Mustard and Relish. Mix everything together. You may want to add more of any one of the ingredients to taste. We usually eat Ham Salad on good ol' white bread, but this would also be good on wheat, crackers or whatever you like. To store, cover the bowl with a lid and place in the fridge. Enjoy!


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