Why I Decided To Keep My Boar Saanen cross doe?

I absolutely love my Saanen Dairy Goat Firefly! Not only is she beautiful with her white coat, floppy ears and beard, but shes so sweet and a great milker! This year she gave us a beautiful little doe kid! 
And the question always comes up! To keep the kid or sell the kid? 
Tilly is half Saanen and half Boar. She has her moms beautiful white coat and her dads adorable "baby doll" type face and ears. After some thought, I have decided to go down the road of dairy/meat goat cross and keep Tilly as our next milk goat! 

You may be wondering if a Dairy Boar cross is a good milk goat! If that's you keep reading!

What is a Boar Goat?

Boar Goats are a Meat Production breed. They were developed in South Africa in the early 1900's. Boar goats were bred for meat, rather than milk. They are hardy animals, are generally docile and are fast growing! 

What's a Saanen?

The Saanen is a Swiss Breed. They are a Dairy goat and are heavy milk producers. In fact, they are the most productive milk goat of Switzerland! I just love the look of the Saanens with their beautiful white bodies, erect ears and traditional beards. 

So is a Saanen/Boar Cross a good milk goat?

The thing that really catches my eye when I look at Tilly, is her overall Physique, her beautiful little dished face, long floopy ears, white coat. I mean she's just adorable! (Though I may be Biased)
So I did it, got online and researched crosses and come to find out a Saanen/Boar cross can actually be a nice milker! In fact there are lots of crosses such as Lamancha/Boar that make really nice crosses!
      They are probably not going to have as much milk as a purebred dairy goat, but it should be a nice amount and the butter fat content should be good! With the Boar in the mix I think she will be hardy and an easy keeper!
SOOO since she will be staying on the farm, I will be working with her and training her to lead and tie up, ect. I'll bring you all along with me and show you how to go about training a baby goat! It sounds like such a fun journey doesn't it?!? So are you ready to give a Dairy/Boar cross a try?


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