Chicken Coop Clean Out

~Chicken Coop Clean Out

A clean coop means healthy chickens and clean eggs! A dirty coop is a smorgasbord for mites and parasites and dirty nest boxes will result in poo covered eggs. Keeping a regular coop cleaning schedule will make clean out so much easier and will keep your chickens healthy and at their best!

I start by cleaning off the top of the nest boxes. I use a broom and dust pan. Then take all the soiled bedding out of the nest boxes and replace it with clean shavings. I find shavings are the easiest to use, but you can also use hay.
Every few weeks I like to pic out the poo and soiled bedding.

You can make a pile of clean shavings in one corner of the coop to use when needed.
If you need to, you can take a scrub brush and some soapy water and clean off the roosts and boxes. I find keeping up on it and doing quick cleans, saves on having to do big cleans later on!


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