Rooster or No Rooster?

We have pretty much always had chickens. Got them from chicks from our local farm store, raise them up and if we didn't make sure to get pullets, well ending up with a rooster or two was basically the norm. I love hearing a rooster crow! Especially in the morning! Though our roosters have never seemed to have a good internal clock, cause they crow all the time, lol :)
We have had lots of different types of roosters. We have had Rhode Island Reds. And those hens were incredible layers and always nice,.... but the roosters! One time we bought chicks, grew them up and out of the bunch we ended up with FOUR roosters. The meanest things on the planet! Any time we walked outside, we feared for our lives! lol Ok, we feared of being chased and you better be fast! They would run after us, comin' to flog us, we would be streaming our heads off. You could try to kick them away, you could grab a stick, wouldn't matter, there was no way to scare them off and personally I just wanted to be able to walk out the door without being scared to death. After those roosters, I just swore I would never have any roosters ever again! We also had Barred Rocks. Those roosters weren't only mean to us, but also to the hens. Now I know that that may have just been our luck, and there are probably really nice roos out there, but ours were MEAN! So like I said, I just swore I would never have any more roosters.
Well I was looking for some more laying hens a while back and came across some Light Brahma hens. We went and looked at them and got a handful of Brahmas and Buff Orphington hens. Well they also had Light Brahma roosters. They were huge! Probably the biggest roosters I'd ever seen. And they said they hadn't had any problem with them being mean. So, cause they were just so pretty, we decided to buy one and give it a try. And oh my goodness! Fred is the nicest rooster Iv'e ever met! He is big and beautiful and wouldn't hurt a fly! The Light Brahmas have just been so sweet! I love my Fred! So if you are looking for a rooster, I would definitely give a Light Brahma a try!
              However, If you don't want a rooster, There is good news!
You don't have to have a rooster in your coop. Hens will lay eggs even if you don't have a rooster. The only reason you really need a rooster, is if you want to hatch some of your eggs. So that is always nice. We went a long time without a rooster, until we met Fred!
 So Rooster or No Rooster? I think it just depends on the breed of chicken, their temperament and what you are planning to do with your chickens. But I think down the road, I would definitely not think twice about another Light Brahma Roo!


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